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Mass Recruitment
For all of our candidates, ASI uses SONRU, the Leading Web-based Video Interview solutions for pre-screening candidates !
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Candidate Reports
For all of your shortlisted candidates, you will receive a comprehensive Candidate Report that contains the following information regarding your candidate;
• The candidate’s CV
• Their Thinking Style
• Their Subordinate Style
• What motivates them
• Their Interpersonal Style
• Their Leadership Style
• What kind of team Player they are
• What are their Values
• How they ‘cope’ with stressful situations
• A copy of their recorded Interview
Executive Exchange
The core features of the Executive Exchange are that it is regularly updated and that we guarantee you will never receive a recommended executive from us unless they have been screened specifically for you first.
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Fixed Fee
So that there is no incentive for us to recommend candidates with higher packages, our fees are fixed with you in advance before we begin your assignment. No more calculation of benefits, sign on bonuses, incentives, etc
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